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      Call for papers-ICNC 2016

      Mobile Computing and Vehicle Communications (MCVC) Symposium


      Symposium Co-chairs

      Xiang Cheng, Peking University, China, Email: xiangcheng@pku.edu.cn

      Dusit Niyato, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, Email: dniyato@ntu.edu.sg



      Mobile computing is more ubiquitous today when smart phones and other consumer electronic devices become the primary access devices to the Internet. Mobile cloud computing further drives the integrations of personal computing, distributed computing, cloud computing, and wireless technologies. One of the challenging areas is the vehicle communications and the enabled applications. The continuously increasing interactions between communications, computing and sensing devices in vehicle systems have introduced many interesting yet difficult issues in diverse research areas including computing platform, connectivity, routing and broadcast, channel and link access, collaborations, capacity planning, scheduling, security and privacy preservation, and so on. This symposium is devoted to cover original contributions in the design, development, and analysis of key technique issues related to architectures, platforms, algorithms/protocols and applications in the joint areas of mobile

      computing and vehicle communications. Technical papers describing original, previously unpublished research, not currently under review by another conference or journal, are solicited. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

      ? Novel applications, services, and mobile cloud computing supporting the mobile  environments

      ? Cloud-assisted vehicle communications

      ? Mobile vehicular social networks

      ? Architecture of mobile networks and host

      ? Information systems and applications for intelligent transportation system

      ? Channel measurement and modeling for V2V or V2I channels

      ? V2V or V2I protocols in vehicular networks and communications

      ? Vehicle ad hoc networks and Vehicle sensor networks

      ? 5G enabling V2V or V2I systems

      ? Wireless channel and media access control protocols

      ? Multi-channel organization and operation

      ? Wireless access virtualization and resource management in mobile environments

      ? Performance modeling and characterization in mobile environments

      ? Mobility management, analysis and vehicle traffic analysis

      ? Quality of service for mobile communication systems and interactive applications

      ? Economics of vehicular communications and intelligent transportation system

      ? System evaluation methodologies and testbed experiments and measurements

      ? Security, scalability and reliability in mobile communication system

      ? Data management and analysis in mobile environments

      ? Inter-networking between mobile communication systems

      ? Application and service in wireless sensor networks


      Submission Guidelines

      Please follow the author instructions at http://www.conf-icnc.org/author.htm

      Direct paper submission weblink of this symposium can be found at http://www.conf-icnc.org/2016/cfp.htm

      Paper Submission: 5 July 2015

      Acceptance Notification: 20 Sept. 2015

      Camera-ready Paper: 20 Oct. 2015

      Conference: 15-18 February 2016


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